SPECIALISTS IN REAL ESTATE (Investment Properties) and STRATA (Body Corporate) Developments






Body Corporate & Real Estate Rent Rolls: Gold Coast & Tweed Areas*


WE TAKE PROFESSIONAL CARE OF:  Common Property, hi-rise, holiday, residential, hotel, motel, caravan parks, units, villas, and stand-alone homes... 

  • Termites (white ants) inspections, treatments, BAITING systems
  • Cockroaches, ants, silverfish, spiders (including REDBACK Spiders)
  • Rats and mice (commercial rodent baiting programmes)
  • Possum removal - 'ask us for more information'
  • Bees/wasps
  • Flea infestation - Exit Flea treatments
  • Exit treatment for a vacating tenants
  • Termite baiting systems - we are Exterra Quality Preferred Operators!
  • Pest & Building Reports - we organise BOTH to suit your timeframe



  • We provide a stress-free, seamless pest control service for ALL property, on the Gold Coast and Tweed areas*.
  • We are passionate about enhancing your reputation, and making your job easier.
  • Our technicians and inspectors, as well as our office team, are experienced specialists in pest control and pest inspection services.
  • We cater for the needs of all bodies corporate, real estate rent rolls and commercial property owners throughout the Gold Coast and Tweed areas*, as well as 'mums & dads'.
Karen and Mike from Optimum Pest Control have become the 'go to' people for many property managers, complex managers, and body corporate managers around the Gold Coast and Tweed areas*. 

WE take the TIME to make sure you get the right information, and we always give you our professional advice.

WE take the TIME to give your owners and bodies corporate top quality pest control treatments and termite inspections.  EVERY time!


  • We really care about you, your owners, your tenants, your properties, and your reputation
  • We are proud to provide expert technical knowledge and experience in all pest control services, to all customers
  • WE LOVE PROVIDING FIRST CLASS SERVICE for all pest control and pest inspections services
  • And we get EXCELLENT RESULTS - at very competitive prices
  • CHECK OUT OUR AMAZING SERVICE WARRANTIES on pest control services (e.g. 12 months service warranty for full pest control for INSIDE cockroaches, INSIDE ants, silverfish & EXTERNAL WEBBING spiders - YES - WE WARRANTY AGAINST INSIDE ANTS, AND COCKROACHES!)
  • IF you are looking for a company that is honest, reliable, with people who arrive on time, are professionally uniformed, have up-to-date well maintained equipment, good processes and procedures - providing the correct paperwork - AND who are FULLY licensed & insured.
  • WHO ARE PROFESSIONAL IN EVERYTHING THEY DO!   ..................................LOOK AT US!
  • Our termite inspectors are fully licensed & insured to carry out termite inspections to YOUR properties, carrying out first class pest inspections, with comprehensive written termite reports
  • OPTIMUM is an 'EXTERRA Quality Preferred Operator' (only a handful of companies on the Coast have this accreditation).  WE can offer the Exterra manufacturer's $100,000 timber replacement warranty for the EXTERRA termite interception & baiting programme.   "Optimum Pest Control has duly completed all the requirements and have demonstrated the highest degree of competence and skill in all aspects of the installation, monitoring, and administration of the Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System."
  • All Health & Safety requirements are adhered to, including presentation of all correct paperwork on all pest services and inspections, along with quality administrative procedures



A recent testimonial received:

"As the Office Manager of Elliott Michaels Realtor I have been working with Mike and Karen for over 7 years.  In my role I oversee a large property management department that utilises the services of Optimum for our managed investment properties.

Firstly from an administration perspective Karen is absolutely fantastic and we never have to worry about our tenants not being contacted in a timely manner.  Karen is always in touch with them promptly on receiving our work order and the other important factor is that we receive invoices promptly when the job is completed.  As a real estate office these are extremely important factors as we do not have to spend unnecessary time following up when the work order is issued we know the job will be done.

The other great thing is that they have a reminder system to let us know when a property is due to be inspected or treated again so we don't have to worry just wait for the email and then book the job.

Now on the technical side we have every confidence in the team at Optimum to get the job done and get it done well.  We have always received great feedback from our tenants and if on the rare occasion we have had a further problem at the property they are back in a flash no questions asked.

The team are very knowledgeable and can provide the right treatment for a specific problem if that is what is required.

I would highly recommend Mike, Karen and the team and I would be happy to speak to any potential clients that would like to confirm my recommendation."  - 
Julie Tagg, Office Manager | Elliott Michaels Realtor, Southport



As managers of Meadow Peak, a complex of 124 executive residences, we require reliable and cost effective pest management ...

David Powell & Susan Thorpe

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