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TERMITES (White Ants):  Termites are commonly called White Ants, however they are NOT related to ants they are actually a relative of the Cockroach family.  South East Queensland has two of the most damaging termites in the world.  Schederhinotermes Spp., and Coptotermes Spp.  They nest underground and can forage anywhere up to 50-60 metres from your home.  Home insurance does not cover the cost of termite damage, so home owners must ensure their homes and properties are termite free.  There are many myths and misconceptions about the treatment of active termites, and what termites actually do.  Call OPTIMUM Pest Control to get practical, honest and knowledgeable advice about all termite (white ant) issues.  Please don't risk it!   Call us today!

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COCKROACHESGerman Cockroaches, in particular,  live in kitchen areas, favouring kitchen appliances where it's warm and damp they can also spread salmonella and other germs and are prolific breeders if left unchecked.  You usually only see them at night when you turn on a light and see them scuttling across your bench or through your cupboards but if you see them during the day you have a real infestation that needs to be dealt with quickly, with top quality products and attention to detail.  Our domestic treatments carry the OPTIMUM 12-month service warranty.  German Cockroaches often need a follow-up treatment to ensure the infestation has been eliminated.

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SILVERFISH live in roof cavities, and come down into the home to eat their way through carpets, curtains, and other furnishings.



Ants Gold Coast

ANTS nest in the wall and roof cavities of our homes, around electrical switches, inside white goods and kitchen areas.  Ants can cause havoc when nesting around electrical wiring...they also invade beds, pantries & bathrooms, causing nuisance. We warranty inside ants - ask us how!








RATS and MICE:  Rats and mice come into our homes during the cooler months and nest in roof and wall cavities of the home.  Rats need to chew hard objects to keep their incisor teeth short and this often affects electrical wiring and bursts water pipes in the roof and walls of the home.  Rats and mice forage for food around the home and breed quickly, spreading disease and causing a lot of problems for the home owner.  OPTIMUM's rodent baiting treatments and programmes are very effective in the eradication and control of rats and mice.  Optimum uses locked rodent stations with the baits wired inside when placed in areas accessible by children or pets, ensuring all Health and Safety aspects are adhered to.  In roof cavities the baits are wired into the station, ensuring rats and mice eat the bait on the spot ensuring prompt elimination.  At OPTIMUM our technicians use top quality, palatable rodent baits as rodents can become bait shy with the cheap soapy baits freely available to the public.  OPTIMUM domestic rodent treatments come with our OPTIMUM 3-month service warranty.

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SPIDERS:  Spiders nest and breed in the roof void and wall cavities of our homes.  They hang around under the eaves, around window sills, downpipes, anywhere they can set up their webs.  Redback spiders are a particular problem in South East Queensland & Northern NSW.  Their bite can cause a nasty reaction particularly in young children and the elderly.  Exterior spider spraying, weephole dusting and a full crack and crevice treatment will eradicate spiders.






WASPS/BEES  - wasps and bees swarm around properties looking for a place to nest.  Flowering plants attract them to areas, particularly in the summer time.  Bees and wasps can cause a very painful sting, and this sometimes seriously affects the victim.  Always contact a professional pest control company to eradicate the swarm, as they know what to do, and have the required equipment.  Honeycomb from bees nesting in wall and roof cavities can cause major damage to the timbers, and therefore must be removed after eradication.  In most cases this involves removal of cladding to get at the honeycomb.  Honeycomb left behind will attract further colonies.  An annual pest control treatment where we use our big heavy-duty dusting machines to dust the wall and roof cavity of the dwelling WILL deter wasps and bees from swarming on the property, and nesting in the wall cavities.







FLEAS:  Fleas in houses are usually linked with a pet or a visiting cat or dog. Flea problems often occur when the host animal has been absent for a period of time, such as when the family goes on vacation, taking or boarding the pet. Fleas may also be driven into the house during prolonged periods of wet weather. Each species of flea has one or two kinds of animals it prefers, although when hungry, it will attack a wide variety of warm-blooded animals, including humans.
Cat and dog fleas periodically jump on and off the host. When the host is removed for a period of time, they are left without food. Hungry adult fleas often attack on the first warm-blooded animal that comes in the door, often biting people around the ankles. In addition, vibrations promote emergence of new adults from pupae; walking across the floor will trigger emergence.
Female fleas lay eggs, usually on the host. However, the eggs are not attached to the host, and soon fall off and develop on the ground or in the host's nest or resting place.
Optimum domestic flea treatments have a 3 month service warranty.


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