Optimum Pest Control always provide our customers with a very detailed pest control treatment. We only use top quality products and have a high level of expertise. As a result, we are able to give you a 12-MONTH SERVICE WARRANTY for our residential pest control treatments for cockroaches, ants, silverfish and spiders!


  • Inside cockroaches, and silverfish
  • Webbing spiders on the outside of your property
  • Ants nesting in the wall cavities, or lots of ants persistently trailing back inside

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How do I know if I have cockroaches?

German Cockroaches, in particular,  live in kitchen areas, favouring kitchen appliances where it's warm and damp they can also spread salmonella and other germs and are prolific breeders if left unchecked. 

You usually only see them at night when you turn on a light and see them scuttling across your bench or through your cupboards but if you see them during the day you have a real infestation that needs to be dealt with quickly, with top quality products and attention to detail. 

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

Contact the experts at Optimum Pest Control today on (07) 5520 7171, specialising in Gold Coast* pest control through to Tweed Heads*.

  • We use a big heavy-duty dusting machine to pump a large amount of powder into the external WEEP HOLES, all through the wall cavities.
  • We also use that big dusting machine in the ROOF CAVITY - the dust spreads through those areas eradicating cockroaches, ants, silverfish and spiders.  This is a BIG part of our treatment because it eliminates pests in these areas, AND stops them crawling back inside and nesting in the walls and roof!
  • INSIDE we do a treatment to all kitchen, laundry & bathroom cupboards particularly for cockroaches that love these warm damp areas.
  • We treat behind white goods and drawer runners and cupboards - it's NOT messy and doesn't get on all your things.  There is practically no smell - thankfully we are not allowed to use those horrible chemicals they used years ago!
  • THEN, once we've done all THAT we can give you a 12 month service warranty! EASY!

Our domestic treatments carry the OPTIMUM 12-month service warranty.  German Cockroaches often need a follow-up treatment to ensure the infestation has been eliminated. 

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Please also see how free information sheet on German Cockroaches! CLICK HERE.



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It's a GREAT 12 month service warranty - and WE DO come back FREE OF CHARGE to fix any of these warranty issues, over the WHOLE YEAR!

WE REALLY CARE about you, your family and your home, or workplace.  WE WANT TO MAKE YOUR PLACE A PEST FREE ZONE!

Servicing the Tweed & Gold Coast*, book your Pest Control treatment with the professionals at Optimum Pest Control - with our great service warranty!

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Karen will explain everything to you - in plain language.  We are genuinely interested in what you have to say about what's happening at YOUR place!  CALL US TODAY!

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